Reshaping the Foam

Narrowing and or Lowering

A common request is to narrow the seat through the area where the thighs rest. Many seats have a sharp drop off in this area. Many times removing ½ inch from this area will help a great deal. More can be taken off if the rider needs additional reach. We’ll need your inseam to make changes if you are not on your bike with the seat. We have been very successful in bringing riders to safer and more comfortable position by lowering and narrowing the seat foam, we have gone as far as altering the pan when possible to get you where you need to be.


Many seats believe it or not, are actually domed or convex. Many others are practically flat. Dishing or making them concave will make a significant improvement in rider comfort.

Adjusting the Seating Angle

Tilted the wrong way, either pitched forward or backward. Often a passenger problem, common issue with 08 –10 FLH seats.

Widen the Seat

Also a common passenger issue – Its unrealistic to expect an average built American woman to be comfortable on any seat less than 10 inches wide. Look at any rider portion of a cruiser or touring bike, they are at least 16 inches wide, more often 18 to 20 inches wide. Now, you think she can ride an 8 inch wide or less pogo stick around the world for hours on end and not have a legitimate complaint? If so, you may be wrong. Often we can widen your seat up to 2 inches without replacing the cover or over stressing the fabric – dependent on seat design. We have widened seats up to 8 inches.

Shaping for Reach

Either forward or back.

Pan up Foam Builds

You have the pan, we fit the foam into a shape you prefer. Anything from a dinky little solo seat or retro chopper or custom king & queen, if you can communicate what you want, we’ll make it


We are capable of producing any thing you can imagine in a seat cover, exotics like stingray, alligator or snake. Basic black leather, premium leather in multiple shades, made like stock or otherwise, with inlaid designs, stitched patterns or embossed logos or designs. Subtle or extreme, its up to you. We do high quality marine vinyl covers in exotic patterns and multiple colors – usually preferred on a daily rider. We have done hundred’s of stock replacement style covers as well as repairing more than we can count. We have in stock vinyl’s to match most factory seats.