About Us

Dedicated to improving your ride…

Thanks for checking us out. My name is Pat Mitchell, born and raised right here in Jonesboro IN, pop. 1868.

I started doing seats and leather in the winter of 2000. Astech Custom Seats started soon after. One fine day I had a call from a man in Indianapolis. I don’t have any idea how he found us, being over an hour away. I wish I could remember his name. He wanted to make a trip to Alaska on his motorcycle, something he hoped to do for years. Only his seat was so uncomfortable he literally could not ride for more than 50 miles without extreme pain. He had tried several things to get comfortable without luck. We agreed he would come up (in the car) and see what we could do.

He came with the seat and a double pad made from column buckling gel. This pad was the best of what he had tried. We looked at the seat, the pads and some memory foam I was experimenting with and decided on an approach. I thought the pads were to flexible, so I filled the columns with memory foam, cut the original foam out, inserted one half into the seat and laminated three different memory foams into the seat. The other half was covered with sheepskin and put on top. When I heard from him again I had nearly forgotten what we had done. He called to say “I felt like I was being carried in my mothers arms for the whole trip” and thanked me for helping him.

That was the beginning of Astech Custom Seats. Since then we have been dedicated to improving riders comfort. We experiment constantly with different methods and materials. After that first seat, we have changed parts of the process or materials 15 times and added 4 wonderful, dedicated people.