I could not let a day go by without letting you know what the rebuild to my Indian Roadmaster seat has done for my enjoyment of the bike. Huge, huge difference. I rode home from Jonesboro yesterday a total of 237 miles with only one stop to gas up. Totally different experience than when I rode the bike up there with my original seat. This is one upgrade that all Roadmaster owners should consider, to truly make this bike a touring quality ride. Thanks again for everything.
Marsha is very satisfied with the work that was done on our Goldwing seat today! Keep up the Good Work!
I can’t say thank you enough. The seat looks great. I was able to get a ride in last Sunday and it is so much more comfortable, amazing actually. I rode for about an hour at a time and did not notice any tailbone discomfort. Prior to your customization I’d be sore in 30 minutes. I am anxious to get in a couple hour ride and see how it feels.  I am very impressed. I’ve already spread the word to a gentleman located in Quincy IL so hopefully I’ll send you more business. Thank you for making it possible for me to ride again!  
Mark Shumaker

I recently had my KTM 690 Duke seat done up by Astech. You guys did a great job, the seat is now much more comfortable. You were fast and affordable. I will recomend.

Tom Bergman

Good morning Monica, I had to write this email and let go know how happy I am after your company modified my softail factory seat . I would always have severe pain after 2-3 hours of riding. Yesterday I rode my bike from 7 am to 9 pm with only 2 or 3 short breaks for breakfast and lunch and I had zero pain and leg cramps that would normally occur. I can finally enjoy my weekend rides again. I have recommended your service to all my friends . Thank you for a job well done.
David Miranda
UPS delivered the seat this morning, fantastic job..looks/feels great !, feel free to post pic of it on your  ‘Seats’ section on your website.
awesome color choice(Mahagony) that blends in real real nice with the two-tone Candy Root Beer paint.
will highly recommend !, cuz I wiill get asked(who did your seat?) alot
Thank you again !

Just wanted to take a few moments to get back to you about my seat. 

As you may recall, you recently re-shaped and gel/foamed a stock CVO seat for me.  I needed the seat narrowed and lowered to better fit the bike to me, but I wanted to keep the stock appearance of the seat.

Since getting the seat back, I’ve now had a chance to take several rides of different distances with varying times in the seat.  

First, I was very happy with the appearance of the seat after the modifications.  The changes were just as you described they would be.  And second, while I hadn’t initially come to you for your gel/foam treatment, I’m very happy that I also had that done.  I can now comfortably get my legs down around the seat and securely flat-foot at a stop.  The comfort of the reshaped seating area and the gel/foam was a pleasant surprise.  I really didn’t think it was going to make a big difference.  I was wrong!

So, thanks!  It was a pleasure to do business with you.



Hey, just wanted to thank you guys for he great job you did on my seat and backrests, they look great…

 Thanks again,


I don’t normally write testimonials, however the experience I had with your company deserved one and in addition you did a fantastic job on my seat. Before my seat was modified I could last about two hours without any pain after modification 5 hours in the saddle is no problem. Thanks for all your professionalism and great work.  

15 HD Street Glide Special


Just a quick note, the seat is excellent, great job..more comfortable than when I brought it in!

Doug R
1996 FLHT
Just wanted to say thanks for a great product and the awesome customer service that doesn’t break the bank. The seat rides great and I no longer have to deal with going numb after 100 miles. I highly recommend everyone get an Astech seat upgrade.
Thanks again,
13 Honda Stateline
Just wanted to say thank you! I logged 275 miles on the seat that you raised 1″ in height for me and it feels great. No longer experiencing IT band pain ( on the sides of my hips) like before. The K1600 GTL seat is not commonly known for it’s comfort, especially for tall riders. I now have one that is.
Mark F
Hi-  I just wanted to let you know that I got the seat and totally love it!  You guys did a beautiful job…I can’t wait for warm weather to try it out. Brian
Hi-  I just wanted to let you know that I got the seat and totally love it!  You guys did a beautiful job…I can’t wait for warm weather to try it out.
Thanks to all that worked on my seat yesterday. What a tremendous improvement. Nice to sit in the bike instead of feeling on top of the bike with the air hawk. Great job and THANK YOU,


 Just want to say that I finally got the seat back on the 30th as expected, and after taking it out for a ride on new years, I can’t believe the improvement in comfort! Before, I was dying after about 2 hours, but over the weekend, I was on the bike for 4 in the morning and small trips the rest of the day, and it felt great the entire ride (Plus I could still walk straight the next day. Super stoked with the results! This should make my cross country trip a whole lot more bearable.

Thank you so much!



Monica / Astech Seats
Got the Harley gripper seat. Looks great. Feels great. Exactly what I
Much thanks guys!

Bob H


Pat and Jeff, Thanks for treating me so great on Saturday, You guys are the best!
I rode about 150 miles yesterday and it was really comfy.
Also, I was Indy West on Saturday and talked with everyone from the GM, John, to Rick sales mgr, and Ron ser mgr, Cory parts mgr and the service guys,, and they are all very aware of you guys and your quality.
Thanks again and take care.Mark R.


Great job on the seat you did for me on mt victory cc on July 30th at full throttle


My wife and I just returned from a week on the road with the newly modified seat you did on my K1200LT. I was very comfortable for the first time in years on the bike. Your modifications were just what the seat needed. I only wish I had found your shop before spending money for the XXXXXXX modifications. I will definitely be recommending your services.

Thanks again,



Just wanted to provide a little more detail on the seat you rebuilt for me.  As you know, I wasted a lot of money letting someone else rework my seat … twice!
As I approached a ride to the Tail of the Dragon with my son I just couldn’t imagine riding that far on “that” seat so we made an appointment to see  come to your shop for some professional help.  I was kind of amazed, and a bit skeptical, when you took the seat off the bike and started doing your thing.  Once the seat was reinstalled I took it for a pretty good test ride; a 90 minute ride home.  It was indeed better.  Good enough for the ride to North Carolina and back I was not sure.  I must say that I am now totally convinced.  We rode about 1,400 miles on the trip and the seat just kept getting better.  Bonus:  The lower back support you installed for my wife allowed her to ride for hours with no back aches.  She loved both the seat and the extra support.
Since returning I’ve been commuting 1.5 hours to a project site and I realized that I’m sitting in one place, not squirming or shifting or trying to find a non-bruised part on which to sit.  I am truly enjoying my Ultra Classic the way it was intended to be used.  Long comfortable cruises.  I think I could do an Iron Butt ride … without having an iron butt.  
Thank you for giving me the ability to ride in comfort, Pat.  I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am except to say I’ll send all my saddle sore buddies your way.
PS:  The work you did on my son’s Victory had a big impact on his ride too.  His seating position is much better and his endurance is way up too.


We just wanted to let you know that you have once again hit the ball out of the park for us.  You just rebuilt our Gold Wing Diamond seat, and it is NOW WONDERFUL!  We are able to ride in comfort again with the changes you made to the seat.  You have partially rebuilt two of our other custom Gold Wing seats and they turned out great, but this time the whole seat had to be redone, and you came through for us again.  We just wanted to thank you for allowing us to ride in comfort again, and to let anyone else who has the problem of a seriously uncomfortable seat, like our custom made Diamond seat was, know that you are the ones to take care of that problem.  We are so glad that you are in the Indiana area where we can personally come and talk with you to let you know what adjustments had to be made, and not have had to ship the seat back and forth to the manufacturer where it still may not have gotten the problem correctly taken care of because they are located in Florida.
Thank you again for your expertise and the great job you have done to make our riding experience a pleasure again!
Tom & Joan


I just received my seat back. Great job! I really like it. And the price was nice, too.

Thanks so much for all the help!


I wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for a great seat mod! The science you put into your gel / foam buildup works like a charm. I couldn’t ride 80 miles without major discomfort and this last weekend I rode 300 miles for the first time after the modification and never even thought about my seat. (That’s a good thing!) I’m spreading the word about you guys!



Hello Pat,  It has been almost a year since I sent my seat to you for a modification.  I said I was going to let you know how I liked the mods after a little ride time.  Well computer issues locked me out of all my contacts for close to 6 months and  I just fixed it.  I did not know what to think at first.  Of coarse the seat will sit differently but the way it felt at first I was not too sure.  I did not get the ride time I wanted to last year but after some good days of riding I came to the conclusion the mods were the way to go.  No more hot spots on my butt.  I was riding with a fur skin to cool my butt from engine heat and I do not use it anymore so far.   Just a note to thank you for the work and am happy to be less pain free riding.  Now if the winter weather can go away I can start another year of riding.



Hello Monica, This is Terrell  in Austin Texas. Y’all recently upgraded my seat for my 2013 ultra limited. I just finished a 6000 mile ride Through 11 states in 15 days. My seat was extremely comfortable. Thank You very much. I never was Road sore or tired. Look forward to many more Miles. I would recommend for any motorcycle seat replacement.



I sent you my seat last winter. Turn around was very good. I wanted to give the seat a good amount of time to make sure the mods worked for me. Due to mods and design of my seat I could see some difficultly in making it work. Well I did not get to put all the miles I had hoped to but what miles I did proved to me that the job was a success. I have not once had dead spots in my butt due to a hard seat. Job well done.




Dear Pat and staff at Ride & Leather, Astech Seats,

I contacted you about my BMW R1200CL and mentioned 3 problems with my stock seat.

1. I tend to slide forward causing my jeans to bunch in my crotch.

2. Anymore than an hour on the seat and it caused butt pain. Not good for long touring.

3. My wife had the same problem on the pillion, even worse pain.

We bought this bike for touring. After your fix, we gave it a 5 hour test! I no longer have to worry about a gender change or mess with gel pads etc. My wife is very happy which of course makes me happy!

You did a great job for a much more reasonable price than the big names (Meyer, Sargent, Russell etc.). We will recommend you to anyone. Many thanks. George and Linda , Decatur IL


Hello Pat,

I just wanted to thank you for the continued great customer service and excellent work you and your crew perform. I just had one of my good customers Randy, stop by and show off your excellent work. He also showed me the custom seat cover that you made for his Victory Cross Country (that was almost like a 3D mesh instead of a sheepskin). He was very pleased. I will definitely continue to send people your way. I will be stopping by sometime in the next month or so to have a new seat have your magic performed on it. I recently purchased a second bike with a Corbin seat that does not even compare to the comfort of what you had done to my other bike! I will be sure to schedule an appointment ahead of time before I show up. Thanks again for all of your great work!




You made a seat for my 2003 BMW K1200LT a couple of days ago and on my way home I decided that I’d use my upcoming free Saturday to put the seat to the test. I left home around 6:00am and headed south with the plan to see where I was when I found myself shifting around from being uncomfortable. Other than refueling and grabbing a quick sandwich.

I was never off the bike to rest or recover and in the early afternoon, I was rolling into  Memphis, Tennessee! Feeling like Forrest Gump, I simply turned around in a parking lot and headed back home, again only stopping for fuel on the way back. I’m an Iron Butt member and no stranger to putting in a lot of miles within a limited amount of time. Today, your seat proved it’s worthiness and I have no doubt that it will help me to ride better and more safely. Thank you for your service and providing such a great quality product.




Hi Pat,

I got my seat back last week. Finally had a chance to ride on it over the weekend.

Not sure what you did to it. Curious to know what magic is happening beneath the vinyl.

Thank you for the quick turnaround and the great price!

I do appreciate it.


Alan Davidson


Astech Team,

I received my seat back for my HD Street Glide and have put a couple of hundred miles on it prior to my writing to let you know how satisfied I am.

The increased comfort level and lack of butt & back discomfort are very noticeable, the little trim from the thigh area is great, the slight push back is making it more comfortable on my legs and I’m not consistently “pushing back” in my seat…all of the things I had issues with prior.

Your attention to my needs and fast turn around time are greatly appreciated, I will definitely recommend your services to others I know.

M Trimmer

Mandeville LA


Pat, Ya’ll reworked my Triumph Trophy SE seat at Daytona. Thanks for a great job. The seat is much improved. I no longer use an air cushion. I’ve ridden about 2000 mi. since the seat modification. If ya’ll were closer I’d buy everybody lunch. May visit on one of my future journeys.



Just a quick note to say “thanks”.  If the seat rides half as good as it looks, all the better!  You’ve exceeded my expectations.

Thanks again,

Todd Oswald

Your group modified my BMW R1200RT low profile seat this past spring.  I had not been on any long rides until the end of September.  I rode roundtrip from Indiana to Arizona.  The way back was approximately two 875 mile days.  The seat comfort was amazing.  No tailbone pain at all.  Your company does excellent work and I would recommend you to anyone.
Galen Reinholt
Received our seat back on Friday, just in time for our weekend trip.
On any other seat I’ve ridden I’ve always been squirming by 60-80 miles and in pain and needing to stop by 100mi or slightly more.
As the day’s ride went on the intervals between stops got shorter and shorter. On a recent trip I stretched to 140mi, but doing that
made the rest of the day nearly unbare-able.
My wife’s experiences on the rear seat have been similar, anything over 100-120mi was very uncomfortable and left her barely able to get off the bike.
This weekend we made a BBQ run to St Louis, 700 mi round trip. Saturday we did our typical 100 miles between stops but could tell things
were different after just the first leg. We rode approx. 400mi to and around St Louis Saturday with far less discomfort than a normal 400mi day.
Sunday morning woke to rain in St Louis which put us way behind schedule leaving for home so I decided to push the limits and see just how
far we could go.   3-1/2hrs and 183mi later we stopped, not because we had to, because the bike needed gas. I could have easily gone another 45mi to the
next gas station, the bike wouldn’t have.
We filled with gas, got right back on and rode the final 100mi to home.
Needless to say we’re quite pleased with our new seat!!
I have and will recommend your services to our friends on RoadGlide.org
Thanks for your help,
Tom Krause
Central City Ia

ou worked on my seat 6/21/13.  I went from your shop to Louisville, KY about 3.5 hours with no problem. The seat kept me back against the back rest, no sliding off the front and flat footed when stopped.

I have spent time in traffic and all seems fine.
Great job and thanks again.
Dale Williamson

Good Afternoon Pat !!


I wanted to follow up with you as I’ve been able to get my bike put together and have been enjoying my 2 custom seats you built with the scorpion inlays.

The seats are awesome and the scorpions look great with the bike all complete !!

The double seat was always wide to me and now it’s great !!

The other issue I had with both seats was the fact they would burn or hurt after a while riding.

Now with the gel and re-shape of the double seat…They’re AWESOME !!


I also wanted to let you know how much I like the scorpions you did and even took them to the next level.

I used that test patch you gave me and some Ultra-Fine Point Oil Base Sharpie Markers from Hobby Lobby for Leather to color in the lower areas black.

This made the raised areas really stand out and gave it an awesome 3-D look.

I added some silver for the eyes and they really stand out and have gotten a lot of compliments on the design.


Thank you again for all your help on this project as I know they were a lot of work and took a lot of time.

I’ve recommended you guys to all my friends and am sure they will come visit you for some Gel.


Have a great day and the next time I’m in your area with the bike….I’ll stop by so you can see the entire project.

Thank you,




Hey Pat,

Just wanted to say thanks for the great job on my seat.  I really appreciate the speed and quality you did for me.

I only have had a chance to ride a bit on Sunday and it seems much more comfortable. Wish I had you add another 1” in height, maybe when I return.

We shall see. I leave soon for my 5000-6000 mile trip so I will really put the seat to the test.

I sent you a referral, David B. Not sure if it will turn into a sale. I hope so.  He needs padding added to his seat.

Thanks again

Best ,

Alan D.


My seat is great since getting it back from you, also my wife seat she like the seat has no issues. Thanks I will tell anyone I know who needs any seat work


Hi Pat,
You did a nice job on my seat…I am very pleased.  The sheet metal is coming back from the painter on Monday or Tuesday.  Drives me nuts having the seat and unable to install it yet!
Thanks so much.

Hi Pat,

The seat and backrest pad arrived today.  THANK YOU.  It looks great and I now can’t wait for Cris to try it out.  When I called her to let her know I received it, she said the same thing.  J

I appreciate everything you’ve done more than you know, as I am sure others who work with you do, as well.

All the best,



I seen you at the Indy show right before Daytona. You did my seat about 3 years ago  at Wetzel, one of the last ones to be done…..late night for you and the rest. 95 Custom Sporty, Green Greatful Dead theme, at any rate you wanted a testimony and I need my sons seat done. It is a 08 Rocker Softail single seat, no passenger! Was curious if you are still in the swamp and how long it would take me to get his seat back? He graduated from

Fits and looks great!


  Got the seat today! OMG! what a great job you and the crew did. The dye job came out perfect. Not enough words to tell you how happy I am with the work you guys did. Wish you would have sent some of your business cards, because I can guarantee everyone who sees it will be asking me who did my seat!! Thank you all for building a seat that  gives me the “the worth every penny” feeling. I will be sending my other seat to you this fall!

Wow! Just had the seats done on Thursday, put them on today and went for a ride! Amazing! My wife and I love them, we didn’t even feel the railroad crossing which is HUGE!!!! These were the most comfortable seats we have had! Thank you for your time, expertise, quick turn around time, and amazing workmanship!

Scott VTX1300S


Just wanted to say thanks for the beautiful repair job you did on my Harley Hammock Seat. Looks great and I’m very pleased with the results. I will be sure to contact you for any future needs and will pass your info along to anyone else who can benefit from your services. Thanks again!


Brazil, IN


Hey Pat ,Ralph from Camping Gaspé here.I didn`t get to see you before you left Destination Daytona. I came down with some type of flu bug and missed most of bike week. We took our first ride with the air cushion on Saturday the 24th. We drove to Coco Beach. Madeleine found the air cushion helped her after playing with the height and air pressure. We are going on another ride today and I will let you know if there is anything different.

As far as my new seat cover , it took it`s place, fits like a glove!

Have a good one



Hi. I have a 1997 Yamaha Royal Star and am interested in getting it gelled. My friend’s used your company in Sturgis last year and recommended you. I live in Las Vegas and want to ship seat to you. What are your prices? What is your turn around time?



Hello Pat,
Hope all is going well for you and your business. I am shooting you an email asking if it would be possible to send us some of the flyers for Astechseats? I have been referring a lot of customers to you and have handed out the last flyer to a customer last week. I still have your business cards to pass out in the mean time but the flyers are a great sales tool to send people to you. Thanks for all of your help and great work! I still love my seat and use it as a sales tool all the time.
 Keith Gingerich

BMW Parts Consultant

R. Falcone Powersports:

Polaris, Victory, Triumph, & BMW

2416 West 16th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46222

(317)803-2432 phone

(317)803-3074 fax



I received the seat Friday evening and immediately opened the box. Wow! the seat was beautiful. I went straight to the garage to install and then sit on the bike. This is PERFECT!!! You guys absolutely nailed it. I am sitting back about 3 inches and don’t seem to be riding any higher. Exactly what I wanted. Added studs are perfect on this bike. Seat is quite stiff right now, but I assume that will loosen up. I am stoked!!

Thanks so much to you and your team for your attention to detail and your desire to please a customer living a thousand miles away.

Steve 12-31-2012

vtx1300 Texas


Thanks for the good job on these seats. We get good remarks everywhere we go.






Thanks for a job well done. The seat is vastly improved. I rode for 3-4 hours an Saturday and not a hint of numbness. My wife says her seat is vastly improved too. Thanks again




I am interested in having you rebuild the seat on one of my bikes. I have a Honda ST1100 that has a “travelcade” seat with badly collapsed foam. Would you consider an appointment? I would ride up and be there when you open, you could evaluate and we would decide on what needed to be done…Time frame? Would it be possible to be done in a day?

You recently rebuilt a Corbin for my brother John… Great job!!




Pat, you put the Astech Comfort Insert gel insert in my stock Suzuki C109 seat 2 years ago. It has worked well. I am very pleased with the overall result. With this email I am asking if you might be able to repair the seat. Could you quote me a price on replacing the vinyl material where the studs lie and where the tear exists below the studs? I never liked the studs and periodically I hit one and pop it off or damage it.The tear was me screwing around when detailing after a rainy trip. I am addressing this to you because of the excellent work you did with the gel insert.




Hi, I got word of your seat business from my Dad who sent you his HD Fatboy seat to get redone. I took it for a ride this past weekend and it was amazing how much better the seat felt.




I wanted to take the time to thank you for taking such good care of my cycle seats last Friday. What a world of difference. I have 2 cycles and I don’t think I will ever want to ride the one without your inserts!!




Pat, I have now had the time to properly evaluate the seat conversion and thought I would share it with you. The original seat was a one hour seat and then you had to get off for a break. After your rework, I am able to ride for 3 hours without a break. So I would have to say that the rework has substantially improved the rideability. The workmanship is very good and the turnaround time was great. All in all a good experience,Thanks!!




Hello Pat,

I just wanted to say thank you so much again. I got home yesterday and installed the seat on the bike and went for a ride and all I can say is “Perfection!” My seat feels great, I have never felt so good riding on my bike before. I have over the years made several changes to things on the bike to change seating position and I have finally found my missing link. You guys do an awesome job! I have a potential customer no a K1600 that was asking about your company that is stopping by the shop to look at my seat to see how it feels/looks. I will continue to send people to your business. If you need anything else just let me know.




Pat, The rebuilt seat is great!




I am a biking buddy of RG whose beemer seats you just did.

He said the original seat was not very comfortable, but the re-work you did made it very good. I have the exact same bike and would like you to perform your magic on just the driver seat the same way you re-worked R’s …………………………………….





I recently purchased a 2011 ultra limited and need a little help reaching the ground. The dealership measured and I need about an inch. Can we accomplish the 1 inch without sacrificing comfort? Harley offers a low profile seat for about $300.00, but I prefer to work with your company if possible. I had you place the Gel inserts in my Softail and I really love the work you did.






A few weeks ago you worked on my 2005 Victory Touring Cruiser seat. It is much more comfortable to ride for long distances now. My rear end does not get sore after an hour of riding like it used to. My wife says her seat is more comfortable also. I appreciate you working on my seat while I waited. That saved me an extra trip of driving. I have recommended you to several of my motorcycle friends,

Thanks again.





Looks good, feels much better, great turn around, prompt work THANKS GUYS





Thank you for the great work you did on my seat. I rode home to Miami (from Daytona) with very little stops. I am the guy with the Electra Ultra Black you did on Friday about 5:00, I will recommend you guys to everybody.

Thank you