How it’s done :
Your seat cover is removed. Astech-gel is inserted in a large pocket we cut into your existing foam. Progressively softer layers of Sunmate memory foam are laminated in layers of 1/2 or 1/4 inch to the height of your stock or aftermarket seat foam. The foam is shaped to its original shape and your cover is replaced. Your seat is cleaned and prepared for return shipping.  For most seats, we do both portions of a two up for $269.00 and solo seats for $169.00


What makes Astech Comfort Inserts different from all the other gel / gel & foam seat pads / inserts I’ve seen?
The majority of gel we hear about is an flat pad of sticky gel from 3/8 to 3/4 thick inserted right under the seat cover. Flat gels where designed to simulate body fat for wheel chair seating. You may see other column gels ie Soft bottoms, all of them have 1 inch square or larger columns.  Astech-gel has columns 3 times smaller then other gels. Smaller columns provide the right amount of support and a  controlled collapse and rebound rate. Astech-gel is very effective at dampening vibration. Then –  Foams, urethane, open cell , closed cell or memory foams are single hardness foam. All memory foams , except Sunmate, as fas as I know currently, are very temperature sensitive. Very hard when cold and very soft when hot.  Laminated Sunmate is a mix of seating quality foams. Starting firmer near the gel and getting progressively softer as the foam nears the rider. This allows your weight to be spread over a greater area than other foams.


How Long does it take to get my seat done and returned?
Most seats are completed in 2-3 hours of our receiving them. If you are close enough to ride or drive over , call us for a time. Mailed in seats  are usually back in the mail in 2 days. Friday and Saturday deliveries take an extra day. We use our local Post Office or UPS for shipping. The rates average $15.00 to $20.00. Most seats are in transit 1-3 days, the west and northwest take a day or 2 longer.


What kind of seat can have an Astech comfort Insert installed?
Any Stock factory seat or aftermarket seat including Corbin, Mustang, Saddlemen, LePera, Diamond and others EXCEPT Corbin Gentry seats or others with sewn down covers.


Will my seat look different after the insert is done?
No visual difference, but it will BE different. Your seat is returned in the same good condition as we received it, no higher or lower, in fact you won’t be able to tell what was done until you sit on it.


Sure, my seat feels great right now, How about after several hours of riding?
That is when you’ll really get the benefits of Astech comfort inserts. Astech-gel works like a shock absorber inside your seat, constantly compressing and rebounding so your flesh doesn’t have to. Laminated Sunmate is firmer at the bottom, softer near the top where you sit. Sunmate is always conforming its self to your shape, spreading your weight over a larger area and reducing pressure on your anatomy. That said, Nothing, even being carried on a pillow in your mothers arms is perfect.  Astech Comfort Inserts are the best technology currently available and will improve your ride dramatically.


Can I change my seat?  (Higher, lower, narrower, wider, remove, add to, dished?
Yes, if you let us know what your looking for. We are able to make many changes and keep your original cover. Other changes require cover adjustments or replacements.


Will you make a new cover for my seat?
The Astech insert doesn’t require a new cover be made. But we do make stock look covers and custom designed covers in a variety of materials. Call or Email and we’ll send you photos of seats we have done. We also make fitted sheepskin seat covers. Sheepskin wicks moisture and reduces friction.


Will you repair my seat?
Yes, we repair pans, broken down foam and damaged covers.  We need to see the damage before we give you a price for repairs. Emailed photos are usually good.


Who is Astech Seats?
We have been doing commercial leather and upholstery work for riders since 2003. Ride & Leather is a brick and mortar store located in a town of 1868 people and we are always busy. We are even expanding. We have completed well over 5000 Astech Comfort inserts, custom covers and recovers in that time. In an average year we will work on around 800 seats.  In the 4 weeks we spend at Daytona and Sturgis we will complete 200 to 250 seats of every type and kind. No seat leaves  here that is less than it should be. We live on our reputation.


Astech Comfort Inserts combine patented Astech-gel brand gel and Sunmate memory foam to get the best possible ride from your seat.
Astech-gel is a unique type of gel. It is manufactured with small (patented) column buckling cells. These cells allow the gel to compress and rebound with the rider, significantly reducing high and low frequency vibration, shock and pressure. Astech-gel is the best type of gel for seating comfort available today.

Sunmate memory foam is also unique. Sunmate is manufactured to be much less temperature sensitive then any other memory foams. Sunmate is available from extra firm to extra soft. Sunmate is made specifically for seating applications. Sunmate conforms under pressure to your shape.

Astech-gel and Sunmate have been tested to thousands of compressions with no change in shape or condition. These materials will last indefinitely. They will out last your existing foam.