Other Seat Modifications

Seat Heaters

Front or rear only or 2 up. Single or dual temperature controls
Made by Check Corporation.

Vibe Rider’s

What can I say, the girls do like to play on seats with vibe-riders!
Run time should be 5 minutes or less with some downtime between runs.

Heat Shielding Under the Seat

Some twin cams can be very hot, shielding reduces the heat build up in the seat.

Sheepskin Seat Covers

We design our sheepskin to be removed or installed in less than 10 seconds and to stay attached when you are off the bike. We have patterns for Harley Davidson 1981 thru 2010 Ultra Classic FLH seats, several Heritage, Fat Boy and Honda Goldwing. Usually made from 1inch thick black wool, long woolies and colors are available. We use only American Made Sheepskin. Its more expensive, better quality and it gives our brothers and sisters a job.